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Recent Arrivals

July 2010 – James Brandon

James Brandon is a photographer based in Ft.Worth Texas. His travel and landscape work uses an emerging form of photography called HDR, or High Dynamic Range. This process uses several images of the same scene taken at different exposures to gather the full spectrum of light available in a scene. Most of the time, a camera cannot capture the full range of light in a scene. The subject may be exposed properly (such as the foreground), but the sky will be blown out. Or the sky may be properly exposed, but the tree in the foreground is rendered as a silhouette. HDR takes exposures of every part of the scene, and then combines the best light of each exposure on a pixel by pixel basis. The final product is a beautiful work of art that has been said to resemble Impressionism. Our minds remember scenes in a romantic and vibrant way. James uses HDR capture that emotion in a way that leaves viewers in awe, often trying to figure out if an image is painted, or an actual photograph.


June 2010 – Guy  Fumagalli

Guy Fumagalli’s artistic style orbits around the simple element of family photography and moves on a journey toward the complexity of museum quality paintings. He attempts to make images that people have never seen before and won’t soon forget. Combining computer graphics, photography and handskills he develops a base idea of the image that he wished to paint. Acrylic, housepaint, oil pens and mixed media collide to create colorful, graphic expressions of everyday life. Colors become emotions and textured graphics interpret sounds. The once simple photos are transformed into vibrant expressive paintings that offer an intense interpretation of the everyday experience. As well as richly textured portraits he also creates intense abstracts.


May 2010 – DJ Naehritz

DJ Naehritz is a local emerging artist. She began painting only several years ago. Yet, her carefully composed abstracts show mature composition, thoughtful use of color and subtle textures. We have half a dozen of DJ’s beautifilly crafted canvased on our walls.


April 2010 – Frieda Winn

Frieda Winn’s paintings are detailed and lush imaginings. Her brush strokes show extreme attention to detail. When she needs to escape from the realities of this world, she finds a place of refuge in painting while listening to the Word of God. Her landscapes are the places where her mind and spirit are free to dream.


March 2010 – Billy Mabrey

Billy Mabrey is a 2005 graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.F.A. in Studio art, with concentrations in Photography and Printmaking. He lives just outside of Dallas in Grapevine, Texas. He has a wide range of random interests including music performance and recording, cosmology and astrophysics, mathematics, aquariums, the mind and perception, and of course photography and art.

He started printing gum bichromate prints during college after learning the process and found a knack and love for it almost immediately. His abilities come from an insatiable curiosity about the way things work. He is always one to take the world apart, one piece at a time, to reassemble it with a new understanding. With gum bichromate printing he can dissect our world with photographic images and technique together.


February 2010 – Kris Wood

Kris Wood is a stay at home mom with no formal art training. She has a studio “room” in her home dedicated to her various creative processes. Her primary inspiration is the vast color palette and textures of nature. She enjoys creating artwork simply for the joy of creating, and the creative process. She incorporates both natural materials with man made ones to create a visually interesting and textured piece of artwork.


December 2009 – Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood grew up with a passion for photography, experimenting with art and anything involving creativity. Whether it’s building with Legos, taking things apart to see how they work, restoring old cars or composing “lowbrow” photo art, he is constantly evolving. Jeff embeds many of his cool new images inside some rather unique frames. For instance you might find his images of vintage cars inside vintage, and very collectible, full size gas pump doors (see below); or you might find images of cool musicians within an antique gum ball machine.

October 2009 – Shirley Harrison

As a young girl native Texan Shirley Harrison grew up swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in Texas lakes and along the gulf. From an early age she was fascinated with underwater life and delighted at the interplay of light and water.

Shirley Harrison has captured that interplay with a technique using broken tempered glass assembled much like a jigsaw puzzle over acrylic paint on wood and finished with sanded grout. The refractive effect of light through the glass evokes the sensation of gazing at the colorful life beneath the water’s surface. She takes particular pride that all of the glass and much of the wood used for her projects are salvaged materials.


September 2009 – Nix Johnson

Green artist, Nix Johnson, joined art251 in September 2009. Nix Johnson, founded House of Smash in Dallas, Texas in 2009 as an outlet for his art. What happens when a box full of bad records meets an artist with a samurai sword? LUCY by Nix Johnson / House of Smash is a line of bracelets and cuffs made from vinyl records that would, otherwise, be in a landfill, someone’s attic, or worse (?). Each piece is unique, no two are alike, and hand-made by artist Nix Johnson.

LUCY by House of Smash come in three styles, the cuff, a slim bracelet – only ¾ of an inch wide, and the harder to come by, thick bracelet. All feature a vibrant explosion of attitude and are available in multi-color, solids, or distinctive designs, such as skulls, roses, and abstracts. In the future, look for more specialized designs.

June 2009 – Christine Terrell, Adaptive Reuser

Adaptive Reuser, Christine Terrell, joined art251 in June 2009. Christine is a jewelry artist, but she makes no ordinary jewelry. She variously describes herself as a reckless recycler and upcycler. So, what does all of this mean? Well, she makes everyday things – principally jewelry – from other everyday things. And, the results, are quite simply, unique and striking.

Christine Terrell’s work is primarily concerned with re-purposing steel from printed containers. Finding the tins and then selecting the most intriguing areas to work with is, in some ways, a holdover from her graphic design training. She finds it somehow both comforting and challenging to work with found imagery. Christine tends to be drawn to bright colors and bold graphics and many of her pieces reflect this.


May 2009 – Guy W Cearley

In May, Guy W Cearley filmmaker and woodworker joined art251. For as long as Guy Cearley can remember he has always had a love of architecture, photography and great design. He truly loves to build things and great design feeds his soul. So, when not making or editing movies and documentaries he craft exquisite wood boxes. Guy may find an exotic wood that just cries out to become on of his signature desktop pen holders or candy box.


April 2009 – Flo Barry

We welcomed Flo Barry to art251 in April 2009. Flo Barry has exhibited throughout the United States, has received numerous awards in her career and her work is found in many corporate and private collections. Her show at the National Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. received much acclaim. She is a graduate of the highly recognized Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. Her emphasis on color and design guides her in making strong statements and controlled compositions. Daily observations of people and nature are the main sources of inspiration in her designs. Working in various mediums over the years, Flo has been challenged to create new works of art using paint, fibers, wood and recycled materials. We are delighted to have a series of Flo’s wood / mixed media pieces on display.


March 2009 – Two artists for the price of one!? Marie Maines and Ray Maines

March saw a first for art251. We welcomed two local artists to our gallery. They’re both from North Richland Hills, near Keller, and they’re married, to one another! They are T.R. (Ray) Maines and Marie Maines – both passionate about art and both creative and eloquent. Ray Maines is a fine art photographer with a great eye for detail. We have several of his beautiful images of the Medici Chapel ceiling in Florence. Marie Maines is an accomplished landscape painter, with numerous awards to her name. We have several series of her subtle pastel works on our walls. art251 is proud to add this unique artistic couple to our growing team of local talent.


Medici Ceiling I. Photograph by Ray Maines


Tuscan Trees. Pastel on Paper by Marie Maines.

February 2009 – Monica Maxwell

In February, we were joined by Monica Maxwell, another gifted local talent from Keller. Monica paints in oil pastels, which give her abstracts subtle color and soft texture. Uniquely, her pieces can be displayed in any direction; often, assorted images seem to appear depending on the orientation of the piece. They have been compared to colorful cloud pictures, each viewer interacting with the piece, seeing distinctive images and creating their own meaning. We are delighted to have Monica’s works hanging on our walls.


January 2009 – Jonathon Kimbrell

Back in October Jonathon Kimbrell brought us Los Beatles, his rendition of the Fab 4, a great set of four mixed media works of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Now we are excited to have a few more of Jonathon’s contemporary pop pieces, including a portrait of Bowie and a colorful set of Superheroes. My personal favorite below. Kapow! Holy Gotham! Batman…


December 2008 – Diana Casabar

Diana Casabar, a local jewelry artist, joined us in December. Diana specializes in chasing and repouss?, the ancient art form of sculpting metal with hammers, tools, and flame. She draws her design on a flat piece of metal, positions it in a pot of pitch, and then outlines the design with tools and a hammer. After the outline is complete, she takes it out of the pitch, turns it over and replaces it to push the design out with different tools. She’ll work the metal this way three or four times, giving it depth and soul. It’s then finished by polishing it or applying a patina, whichever is required for the design.


December 2008 – Fil Booth

Fil Booth has been hanging around the walls of art251 (metaphorically speaking) since we opened. We love her work! Fil is a prolific artist, so in December we took another delivery of her beautiful original abstract paintings. Her new works are a subtle combination of geometric elements and muted tones – they’d look great in a contemporary or traditional home, and any environment in between.


November 2008 – Ginny Henley, Mirtha Aertker

In November, we added 2 exceptional and versatile artists to our growing roster of local talent, Ginny Henley and Mirtha Aertker.

Ginny Henley loves to experiment with diverse media and styles. She is currently creating exquisite custom jewelry from polymer clay and brass / silver. Her works are colorful, contemporary and one-of-a-kind. Her jewelry pieces include unique pins, necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets.


Mirtha Aertker is a sculptor, potter, silversmith, welder, painter and glass artist. Her uniquely distinctive work is a fusion of diverse media, her experiences from travels abroad, and ongoing inspirations. She works primarily with ceramics, Raku firing and metal welding. Mirtha has a passion for pre-Columbian culture and other South American civilizations, and their designs often trickle into her pieces.


Late-October 2008 - Vesna Komarica, Ashley Akers

art251 welcomed a couple of new artists as October drew to a close, Vesna Komarica and Ashley Akers.

Vesna Komarica paints in oils and encaustics. Her subjects range from still lifes to landscapes to abstracts. Her style exhibits subtle gradations of tone, flattened perspectives and bold textures. We are delighted to have 4 of Vesna’s recent works on display, including 2 beautiful encaustic paintings.


Ashley Akers is a contemporary jewelry artist. She specializes in rings, necklaces and bracelets using natural river rocks, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. All her work has a modern and simple design, backed by fine craftsmanship. She designs, sets, solders and/or rivets all her own pieces.


October 2008 - Jonathon Kimbrell, Richard Gaca

art251 welcomed several new artists this October, including Jonathon Kimbrell and Richard Gaca.

Jonathon Kimbrell creates bold and colorful works in a pop-art, illustrative style. We are delighted to have one of his new works, a set of 4 mixed media pieces on panel of The Beatles, entitled, quite appropriately, “Los Beatles”. The Fab Four have brought some added color to our turquoise walls. Here’s a sampling (John Lennon, of course).


Richard Gaca is a printmaker in the traditional mold. That means he uses time honored and labor intensive techniques such as mezzotint, chiaroscuro woodcut and cyanotype. His works exude rich velvety tones that are impossible to replicate in any other media.


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