Aditi Samarth

“I play with opposites – tension and balance, chaos and order, individual and collective, definition and ambiguity, color and pattern – in my work; while they are opposites, they are not in opposition. The repetition of pattern and image serve as a visual incantation (chant.) This rhythmic, repetitive, image intensifies (heightens or deepens) the visual [...]

Billy Mabrey

“So far in this life I have been only a child, occasional long-term boyfriend, student, graduate, and a part time pizza guy when the bills had to be paid. Currently I am an art instructor for “Monart School of Art” in Keller. It’s a wonderful rewarding job, helping kids and adults find their artistic voices!”

Billy [...]

Brian Davis

Brian Davis grew up in the west Texas town of San Angelo and moved to Dallas when he was 21 years old. As a child he found himself more interested in nature shows than other programing that children of his age watched. At an early age, he realized he was surrounded by wildlife within the [...]

Christine Terrell

“I?m especially drawn to materials that are decidedly not precious–things that some might even consider to be trash. I’ve recently learned that this means I am engaged in the heady process of upcycling.“

In this vein, Christine Terrell’s work is primarily concerned with re-purposing steel from printed containers.?? Finding the tins and then selecting the most [...]

Dana Blanchard

“My paintings evolve from a dichotomous process of both serious planning and wanton improvisation. The composition, color palette, and surface texture are conceived in the carefully orchestrated first layer. Improvisation becomes a force during the process of constructing and deconstructing each subsequent layer. At this point, painting becomes discovery. It is a test for the [...]

David Gappa

David Gappa has yet to meet a piece of glass he didn’t like! He has found that the passion of his life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass into its final stages of artistic completion.

David Gappa of Ft. Worth, Texas discovered and embraced his love of art from a very early age, [...]

Diana Casabar

As a kid, Diana watched her father create pendants and rings for their family in his spare time. Wow, the flame! The tools! The flame! But, it wasn’t just the love for her father that kindled her desire to learn to work metal. It was also the fun, creative side of her mother who could [...]

DJ Naehritz

DJ Naehritz is a local emerging artist. She began painting only several years ago. Yet, her carefully composed abstracts show mature composition, thoughtful use of color and subtle textures.

Donna Antosh

Donna Antosh is a retired home economist, having taught college and high school home economics classes with emphasis on child development. Some undergraduate courses of the 50s sparked her interest in color and design.
She started painting in 1995 after a bout with breast cancer. Her first experience of holding a brush was in Belfast, Maine [...]

Faith Jessup

“While I consider myself to be a realist painter, my interest lies in creating a world of impossibilities.”

Faith Scott Jessup paints from observation and from her imagination. In her studio, she often illuminate small plastic animals with a table lamp and, through the process of painting them, conjure them into life. A tiny plastic [...]

Fil Booth

“To create a powerful and moving abstract image is a gratifying experience for any artist. To have that image appreciated by the viewer is an even greater joy.”

Fil Booth has been involved in the world of art since gaining a B.A. in Art Education from Newark State College (Kean University) in 1969. She began her [...]

Flo Barry

“I feel there is a time to be creative and a time to be productive, and they do not always occur at the same time.“

Flo Barry, a Texan for 50 years, has exhibited throughout the United States, has received numerous awards in her career and her work is found in many corporate [...]

Frieda Winn

“My paintings represent places I long to see”.
Frieda Winn is a native Texan. She enjoys traveling and the beauty of nature.
Frieda Winn’s paintings are detailed and lush imaginings. Her brush strokes show extreme attention to detail. When she needs to escape from the realities of this world, she finds a place of refuge in painting [...]

Ginny Henley

“I love living in the 21st century. New stuff to play with comes to the marketplace with regularity. Art is not in the medium. Art is in what the artist does with the medium. Paint can protect your walls, but it can also feed your soul.”

I view art as a form of self-expression. It seems [...]

Guy Fumagalli

“My artistic inspiration comes from an admiration of early abstract painters enmeshed with a mixture of 1960’s modern pop art.  Painters that inspired me include Pollock, De Kooning, Piet Mondrian, Warhol, and Rothko.”
Guy Fumagalli has a background in illustration, graphic design and computer animation. More recently, he has designed and published a number of video [...]

Guy W Cearley

“About two years ago I had to chop down a tree that died in the front yard. I had some logs left that had been lying on the lawn so I cut one open and…”

For as long as Guy Cearley can remember he has always had a love of Architecture, Photography and great design.? He [...]

James Brandon

James Brandon is a Destination Travel and Wedding Photographer based out of Fort Worth Texas. His travel and landscape work uses an emerging form of photography called HDR, or High Dynamic Range. This process uses several images of the same scene taken at different exposures to gather the full spectrum of light available in a [...]

James Johnson

James Johnson’s experience as a metalsmith began in 1996. He experimented in his parents’ garage and read all the books he could find on the subject. In time, James found a passion for using heat and pressure to create unique art work.
Largely self-taught, James had the opportunity to work with a recognized traditional blacksmith. Following [...]

Jay Garrison

“Recycling at its finest!”

Jay Garrison began creating his found object assemblages during the 1970s when he worked as a graphic designer. Now that he is retired, he enters his assemblages in five to six art shows a year. He lives in Plano, Texas.

Jay Garrison spends a lot of his free time scouring garage sales, church [...]

Jean Storm

“I am always seeking out that rare find whether a vintage bead, a Tucson gem show treasure or a stone that tells me a story. Rocks seem to speak to me and inspire and challenge me to try new techniques and innovative approaches to display my inspirations, the very stories I desire to tell. I [...]

Jonathon Kimbrell

“I can’t really say that my work is about one thing in particular. I’ll be honest, I’m sort of bi-polar when it comes to my art. Themes, techniques, subjects and mediums change when my mood changes. However, if my work had to be broken down into a constant theme, I guess it would have to [...]

Katy Fenley

Katy Fenley has been a glass artist since 1999. Born and raised in rural East Texas, Katy has always been involved in the arts in some way. When she moved to Dallas/Fort Worth in 1996, she played the local music scene as a talented musician and singer. Although music will always be her first love, [...]

Kelly Berry

With roots in journalism and a passion for fine art, award winning photographer Kelly Berry is always in search of a different view.

Kelly Berry found his passion in photography originally as a photojournalist when he worked for the Portales News Tribune, a publication in Eastern New Mexico. Over time his focus shifted, and he is [...]

Kim Ezernack

Kim Ezernack is a native of Texas, born and raised in the Metro Houston area.? In 2008, she relocated to Keller, Texas and now resides in North Richland Hills with her husband and three children.? Art has always been an integral part of Kim?s life.? She has worked with various mediums, including oil paints, pencils, [...]

Kim Norris

“Living a creative life has been as important to me as breathing in an out for as long as I can remember. And it seems that some of my earlier efforts of drawing, painting and glass work has translated directly into my clay. Although many arts intrigue me and challenge me, clay is the true [...]

Kris Wood

Kris Wood is a stay at home mom with no formal art training. She has a studio “room” in her home dedicated to her various creative processes. Her primary inspiration is the vast color palette and textures of nature. She enjoys creating artwork simply for the joy of creating, and the creative process. She incorporates [...]

Leigh Ann Williams

“This series of work is based on music and communicates the energy, vibration, and movement within the musical experience. The images illustrate vibrations of the cadence and the movement of captured light as it moves and repeats as patterns. The work is intended to be fun and whimsical: the paintings and sculptures create a dynamic [...]

Linda Bein

“As a native New Yorker I loved the lush rolling hills and mountains, the tall vibrant green trees and foliage, the riot of color during the fall, and of course the winter snow.  This background of nature, color, and seasonal weather from the Finger Lakes region in New York inspires and influences my painting today [...]

Marie Maines

“The more I learn about art, the more I realize how much there is to know. However, the learning process becomes more exciting and more compelling with each new composition. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful obsession.”
Marie Maines is a retired first grade teacher who has always wanted to be an artist [...]

Mark Hyde

Mark Hyde brings unique three-dimensional forms to life through wood and clay. His work shows unique design, exceptional attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Mark Hyde is a self-taught artist living in Fort Worth, Texas.

His art is an outlet for persistent ideas and images from my his mind’s eye. Symbolic forms in wood and clay make [...]

Marla Cook

“I believe gourds are God’s boxes and by working with them I’ve discovered the Pandora in me. Most of my customers are women, and many have expressed to have a fascination with boxes. I think most of us are an undiscovered Pandora.”

Marla Cook became a professional artist in 1999, although she’s had an artist [...]

Marnie Vollenhals

Marnie Vollenhals is a natural born Illustrator.

Coming from a family of artists, which goes back generations from Italy, Marnie Vollenhals was surrounded by visual arts ever since she was a little girl. She grew up in Southern California, which has its own art culture in itself. It was in this environment where Marnie developed [...]

Melinda Brown

“For me, photography captures the unique light and space and energy of a moment, allowing us to actually stop time and take a second look.”

Over the last 30 years, Melinda Brown has worked in several different mediums, but the art of the lens is where her true passion lies. The spontaneity of finding the [...]

Melissa Ayr

Melissa Ayr, born in New York, is an international contemporary abstract artist. Her art is on the cutting edge of color with bold flowing blends of light and dark. Her style is colorful, vibrant and full of texture. She incorporates high energy, fluidity, growth and life.
Melissa Ayr has been painting since [...]

Michael Longhofer

“I paint because I have a passion to do so. That passion began in early childhood and continues to grow to this day. I love everything about it…the creative process, the ability to express emotions, the blending of color and the smell of paint. I can’t imagine a world without it. It is who I [...]

Mike Gerra

“I have photography in my blood. I am a self-taught photographer. My father, a professional photographer for 15 years in Italy, lit the fire and provided me with years of guidance, encouragement and a critical eye. Photography school would have been a poor substitute.”

After around many years as an amateur black and white (and color) [...]

Mirtha Aertker

“I hope my pieces arouse curiosity in those who view my work, and stir the imagination upon each visual inspection.”

Mirtha Aertker was born Caracas, Venezuela and studied art at the Cristobol Rojas School of Art in Caracas. It is here where she first discovered her passion for clay. After participating in various collective expositions and [...]

Monica Maxwell

Monica Maxwell has been creating art since childhood and is primarily a self-taught artist. Through her early years, she created representational artwork in soft pastel, charcoal, oil and watercolor. Monica attained a degree in architecture at the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning and spent 10 years in commercial real estate [...]

Nix Johnson

Nix Johnson was born and raised in the DFW area and spent the years after high school working and starting a family. In 2004, He returned to Denton to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas. Upon graduating in 2007, Nix made the worst decision of his life in deciding to go [...]


“I like to create art that makes people smile.”

Designing jewelry professionally since 2004 when she was just 6 years old, Noelle is a fourth-generation artist in a family of more than 35 professional artists working in media as varied as metal sculpture, photography, wood sculpture, fabric weaving, dolls, and of course, jewelry. Her maternal [...]

Ray Maines

“Images are found wherever travel takes me. My eye tends to see images which are abstract or which can be abstracted through the digital process. Fragments and details of objects and areas also attract my attention. I am very aware of light and try to utilize it to best enhance the effect on the final [...]

Richard Gaca

“What is so special about an individual sitter? As an artist, I am compelled to give an honest rendition of the model but also try to capture the personality of the individual. A person’s face in its entire nuance is an endless source of inspiration.“

Richard Gaca was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1953. Since a [...]

Sara Miller

Sara Miller’s passion is to combine her technology expertise, and love for sewing into a career promoting the joy of creative quilting. She is a fiber artist, specializing in creating wearable art and quilting with an emphasis on art quilts that are creative and colorful.

Sara Miller’s career as a fiber artist had very early beginnings. [...]

Scott Young

Scott’s childhood was spent in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has always been interested in art and pursued this whenever opportunities arose. His high school years were spent “dabbling” in various art forms such as sketching, painting, pottery, and jewelry. He was also fortunate enough to attend a large school that provided instruction in [...]

Sean Fitzgerald

“I love images that are simple, graphic, evocative, surreal. I love color. I love images that suggest the essence of the subject, as well as images that evoke different reactions from different people, both positive and negative. While my photographic subjects are widely varied, I find myself repeatedly drawn to nature and wildlife and the [...]

Seppo Aarnos

Reared in Finland, International Sculptor Seppo Aarnos, B.A., M.A., brings his European influence to life with a lighted torch and forged steel. His individual style is diametrically distinct to any existing art movement. Some works even leave the feeling of existential isolationism.

Seppo Aarnos was born and reared in Finland, part of a large, artistic [...]

Shirley Harrison

Shirley Harrison has captured that interplay with a technique using broken tempered glass assembled much like a jigsaw puzzle over acrylic paint on wood and finished with sanded grout. The refractive effect of light through the glass evokes the sensation of gazing at the colorful life beneath the water’s surface. She takes particular pride that [...]

Teri Muse

“The creative process will always amaze me.  It is an elusive thing that happens, and is precious.  I have been inspired by many artists.  I love the beautiful gradations of color in Odilon Redon, Georgia O’Keeffe and Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings and the colorful patterns of Henri Matisse. These artists have [...]

Todd Ford

“I paint in a style that is similar to, but certainly not true photorealism. I am much more interested in creating work that is a synthesis of my own vision and sensibilities without the strict confinements [...]

Trish Biddle

“Do you ever have one of those days when you see a commercial on TV, or a travel magazine ad where the image either makes you sigh or dream and imagine? You imagine….. You imagine you’re on your way to the airport because getting there is half the fun, Prada bag in hand. You arrive [...]

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