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Art Submissions

Finding New Art
At art251 we love looking at new art and discovering new talent. We review work from tens of new and prospective artists each month.

Before You Show Us Your Art
If you think you might be interested in showing your work in art251 there are a couple of important things we’d like you to do. First, read our article on how to find a gallery. Then, visit our space and walk around. Spend some time looking at our art and our ambiance. If you can’t visit us, take some time to look through our website. Both our space and our website will give you a good sense for our vision, the type of work we display, how we display it and the prices we charge. We’d like to discourage you from showing up, portfolio and/or art in hand, without a prior appointment. This takes away from our ability to focus on our customers, and doesn’t give us ample time to review your work.

Here is some other important information to help you decide whether or not to submit your art for review:

  • art251 is a commercial gallery based in Keller, Texas (midway between Ft.Worth and Dallas). We show work of Texas based artists only. You don’t need to be born in Texas, just live here. We do not review portfolios from artists who live outside the State.
  • art251 specializes in contemporary visual art across a broad range of media. We focus on original work, rather than prints or reproductions. Our preferred media includes: paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramic and jewelry. Currently, we do not exhibit video or large scale installations — it’s a matter of space.
  • art251 receives a 40 percent commission for all sold or rented work. All of our works are on consignment from the artist. Our regular consignment period is for 6 months, and is renewable. Typically, we guarantee that an artist’s work will be on display for about 50 percent of the time during this period. Importantly, we are non-exclusive. However, we require the right of first refusal for any work.

Art Submission Process
So, assuming you’ve taken the time to visit art251 here’s what you should do next, in 6 simple steps:

1)? Submit 10-20 images of your current and available work. We accept images in slide format (yes, film is still around!) and high-resolution digital images via email or CD/DVD. We cannot review images in other formats such as paper, old 16mm tape, videodisc etc. Be sure to name and describe each image. Need tips on how best to photograph your art? Check out this guide.

2)? For slide image submissions we’d prefer 35mm format. Generally, for digital images we like images in JPEG or TIFF file formats with a minimum screen resolution of 72 dpi. Also, we’re really appreciative if you can keep the size and proportion of your digital images roughly to that of a regular computer screen.

3)? Include a current resume or brief biography and a statement about your work. Please submit any written material in PDF, Microsoft Word or Mac Pages file formats. If you wish to have us return any of your material please provide a self addressed stamped envelope. Need tips on how to write a bio or artist’s statement? Check out our tips.

4)? If you have a website or digital image library online you can email the links to us at: submissions [at] art251 [dot] com. You should still submit a current resume and statement about your art. Otherwise, we’ll not review your work.

5)? We evaluate artwork for its creativity and quality. We appreciate works that have a narrative or are purely decorative, and anything in between. Importantly your art should complement and supplement the works that we already have on display inside our space. Some people would say our space is curated — we just like all our art to work together in an aesthetically cohesive way. Other than that we have no other requirements.

6)? If we select your art for further review, we’ll contact you to set up an appointment to see the work in person. We do like to visit artists’ studios. But sometimes this just is not practical so we may have you bring your work to art251.

After You Show Us Your Art
We really appreciate your patience. Generally the whole process takes 4-8 weeks. If we determine that your work would not be an ideal fit don’t lose heart. We may be able to recommend other art spaces or alternate approaches for you. If you need further assistance about our process or have questions, please call 817.898.1444 or email: submissions [at] art251 [dot] com. We’d be delighted to help.

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