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Ginny Henley

“I love living in the 21st century. New stuff to play with comes to the marketplace with regularity. Art is not in the medium. Art is in what the artist does with the medium. Paint can protect your walls, but it can also feed your soul.”


I view art as a form of self-expression. It seems impossible for me not to think and dream in spatial terms. As a child I received a paint-by-number kit and saw the lines and color codes as vague suggestions. My parents, an eclectic mix of Martha Stuart and Thomas Edison, built the impetus for creating into my childhood by giving me raw materials and lessons.


When an artist encounters a new medium in a fine work there can be an instant recognition of an impending affair. It is in the want of that first gaze, when the imagination leaps to how the material might perform in your own hands. It is in the texture, form and flow of color. It is in the gnawing desire, not for the object itself, but for an opportunity to dance with the medium from which it is made. I have always painted, but a stroke led me to smaller works in pursuit of therapy. I am not sorry that I was led to polymer, metal and resin.

Polymer Clay is polyvinylchloride suspended in plasticizer. When cured in an oven, it hardens. By manipulating contrasting colors of clay into a long roll, the face of the resulting cane can be sliced and pieced together to form intricate kaleidoscopic designs. Some of my works have as many as five translucent layers, some containing canes, metal leaf, alcohol inks and other inclusions.

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