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Jonathon Kimbrell

“I can’t really say that my work is about one thing in particular. I’ll be honest, I’m sort of bi-polar when it comes to my art. Themes, techniques, subjects and mediums change when my mood changes. However, if my work had to be broken down into a constant theme, I guess it would have to be the importance of people in my life, real or imaginary. I find people (that I like) fascinating, and I get a thrill out of capturing them in interesting moments, but not in a photographic sort of way.

I like musicians. I draw most of my inspiration for art and living from music, and the best way for me to thank these people is to capture them in paint. I like recycling bits of paper or printed materials into my paintings. I like harsh, bold lines. I enjoy anything that looks like it’s been run through the printing press a few times. I try to capture that look and feel in my work manually, and sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Sort of like a good vinyl record.”


Jonathon Kimbrell is a contemporary pop artist, currently based in Dallas, TX. At the age of eleven, he relocated from Houston to Abilene, Texas, where he began to embrace all things art: comics, paint and trouble.

Since graduating form McMurry University in 2004 with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Jonathon Kimbrell has begun gathering national attention and fanfare with his unique brand of mixed media pop art paintings, all from the confines of his Napkin Art Studios. Jonathon utilizes musicians, movie stars, comic book superheroes, friends and family as his main subjects, as people seem to be more fascinating to him than ordinary, everyday objects. One of his mottos for life is: If it’s worth doing, do it twice.


Jonathon Kimbrell sites his major artistic influences as Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Roy Lichtenstein, Eduard Ruscha, Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

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